Alex Wright "Actung, actung, hier!"
Booker T. "Save the drama for your mama!"
"Don't hate the player, Hate the game!"
Bret Hart "I am the best there is
I am the best there was
And I am the best there ever will be!"
Buff Bagwell "I'm buff,I'm stuff!"
Chris Benoit "This is what it's all about."
Chris Jericho "Welcome to the Raw is Jericho"
"That will never, EVER happen again, thank you."
"Shut the HELL UP!"
DDP "Bang!"
"You can love,
You can hate me,
but you'll never foget me!"

Disco Inferno

"They wanna see me dance!"
Eddie Guerrero "You can kiss my you-know-what..."
Goldberg "You are next!"
"Who's next?"
HHH "I am The Game and I am damn good"
Hollywood Hogan "When you're in the NWO, you're in it for life!"
Jeff Jarrett "It's a showtime, folks."
"Listen up, Slap Nuts."
"I'm The Chosen One"
Kanyon "Who's better than Kanyon?"
Kevin Nash "Don't turn your back on the wolfpack"
"Just.... too sweat"
Konnan "Arrale! Arriba la rasa! Ya,ya,ya, let me speak ..."
Kurt Angle "It's true, it's true"
Lance Storm "Do not blame Canada, Blame yourselfs!"
"It is not my fault that ..."
"If I can be a serious for a minute, ..."
Perry Saturn "Life's a drag."
Randy Savage "OOOH YEAH!"
Raven "Quoth the Raven, nevermore."
Ric Flair "WHOOOOOO!"
Rick Steiner "You don't like me, bite me!"
Rowdy Roddy Piper "It's time to pay the piper"
Scott Hall "Hey, Yo!"
Scott Steiner "Big Pappa Pump is your hook-up! Holler if ya hear me!"
Scotty Riggs "Better looking every day."
Sean Stasiak "I'm absolutly The Perfect One"
Sting "You're dead."
The Cat "I am the greatest!"
The Rock "If you smell what the Rock is cooking"

Van Hammer

"Far out..."

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